Sunday, February 10, 2019


One third of the way in and I've had enough.  In my mind, we got away with "it" in November/December....almost as if winter was tardy and wasn't ready to begin until 6 weeks later.

A week and a half ago, colder than -35 and only a couple of days later, during last weekend's IMS show, we had the low 40's, Positive low 40's.  Early this past week a 10" snowfall, then a day later another 7" and today another 2-4" predicted.  And cold.

 And today....

Today because it's cold, we've got light and fluffy.  Is it pretty?  Of course it is. I'll accept pretty....until the wind starts the drifting.  That's when the snow and I stop being on as good of terms.

Yesterday was our local Sportsman's Club annual ice fishing contest and it appeared to be very well attended.  No idea about the successes even though we can often hear their PA system from the next valley; there had to be winners.

Our Wednesday snowfall was just about the toughest SE Minnesota driving that I could remember; over 3 hours to get home.  Heavy snow causing whiteout conditions with glazed over roads caused ditch exploration by drivers every hundred yards there for awhile.  I made it to Frontenac, made it to our driveway and unlike the last snowfall, made it to within 10 yards of my destination.  Size when it comes to ground clearance matters.

That storm's road conditions led to this, these photos taken on bright clear Friday morning.

With skillful driving, it was, the majority of the time, possible to keep at least one of a vehicle's wheel track on dry pavement.  Not always and apparently, not for all of us.  When I returned home from Red Wing, just approaching our turnoff, 6 cars evenly split, 3 in each ditch, the Sheriff just getting out of his squad.

This morning I was all settled in, finally trying to commit to paper and to an email distribution, my summer riding rally/trip plans.  Peg took a call and I heard, "..oh no....he's here....".  Our Hanna left Cleveland this morning in her Corolla, Red Wing bound.  I'm her dad and she's still our little girl, the result, I'm on edge when she or any of her siblings are on the road in weather.  No one is ever supposed to worry about me but I get to worry about all of them, any time conditions warrant.

Today's call wasn't from Hanna, at least not this Oh-No call; she's on her way, at this moment leaving IN for IL.  Rather it was Peg's mom's Spark that wouldn't start in the public ramp in Red Wing, so off I went.

So I'm braving my elements and Eric is texting me his....and he's beside himself with delight!!

Once through the slow traffic in town, I made my way into the Public Parking ramp and find poor Sparky.  All it needed was some more boltages and then all was well.

Once running, I took the Little Green One out for a 20 mile loop to put more life into the battery and to get it good and warm.  I enjoy driving the little thing...this isn't the first time I've been in it.  Gramma wouldn't like a clutch but I would.

Finally, as a reward for putting up with all of this....

I complain but not really.


  1. "One third of the way in and I've had enough". I was wondering where this is going to go. For us, it meant escaping it for a while.

    1. I'm threatening to just sit inside, look out and watch it get deeper. :)

      I can't escape physically but I certainly can mentally....and do.

  2. Speedy got me a X mas present a couple yrs back that is better then the stupid Nutcracker pj's she got me.
    A small battery jumper kit... about the size of a small hardback book. You could hand these out to yer clan members.. but then ya have no excuses to have pie.

    1. You are right, that would absolutely be a bad idea!

      (You do look magnificent in those jammies though.....I've got a photo here somewhere...)

  3. I used to look forward to snow here in the Colorado Front Range, now not so guys get the serious snow!

    1. Ours has the nasty habit of staying, sometimes into May! Peg's dad is in Denver. It snows, he golfs the next day...or it seems that way.