Friday, October 26, 2018

The Three Yamaha's

Not all that different than The Three Tenors....mine all have distinctly different voices.   Once again (hopefully a broken record) I had planned no riding for the weekend based on a wet, cold forecast.  This morning's wind was calm, the temperatures moderate in the mid-40's and though cloudy, there were bright spots in the sky.  It seemed like a good day to get the Yamaha's out for a run; getting all 4 out would be a challenge because there were actually some other things that needed to be done and yet, if the rides weren't too extravagant, the 4 of them should have been able to run long enough to get truly warmed up with a few more miles total on the odo's.

Today's numbers, the three bikes combined for 137 miles.

Blueberry/Raspberry to keep the home fires burning.

Bumbleberry consumed on the premises.

In the Givi hump bag...ride safe precious cargo!!!

Never had a tank bag on this one before but today the Volt jacket and my phone charger were plugged in.  The Zumo could have been; the Oregon was along instead and doesn't need a cord.

2nd kick, how good is that??

The loop on Ol' Blue got cut short; sprinkles turning into real rain and besides, it was getting to be late enough in the afternoon that I needed to take care of some shopping for mom.  So the TW200 awaits while these 3 will get pushed as deep in the garage as there's room.

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