Saturday, August 18, 2018

One More August Weekend

The weather folks are telling us bright blue skies but the smokey silver grey haze says otherwise.

A different sort of grey I suppose but related; early Friday I was on my way up to retrieve my aunt's Death Certificate.  Funeral Director Dave seemed a bit reluctant last weekend to put them in the mail and it didn't take much for me to offer a pick-up ride instead of The Post.

Our valley this morning....

On the way.....

A breakfast stop at AJ's Northside in Baldwin, coffee poured and patiently waiting on my stool for the food when who should drop in but Annette and Charlie.  It was nice to see them again and get a chance to share stories over breakfast.

 On their way to Duluth for another Very Boring Rally they hadn't started Friday morning from home, instead they'd enjoyed Thursday evening's Rock Elm Methodist's Ice Cream Social.  Charlie shared that if the Rum Raisin is your preference, be early.  We had a chance to discuss 'dirty' riding in the Four Corners area as well as areas south of there.  Riding that involved Adventures sometimes larger than planned (dark and too far back to camp) came up and Charlie referred me to his website as an example.  Take a look.

After stopping at the funeral home, I went back out to the cemetery.

Friday afternoon it was time to take delivery of my 'new' van.  The trailer hitch is ordered and the rig will be Motorcycle Towed Camp ready pronto.

Saturday morning's nice early start had me on my way to Wabasha for coffee.

 Arriving a bit early for my rendezvous with Dom, fellow blogger from Colorado.  In Wisconsin visiting family, it was decided a few days ago that we'd meet somewhere between.   I found a nice table on the patio; we were two sidecar rigs at the Eagle's Nest Coffee House.  I've got to tell you, it was a fast and wonderfully pleasant hour and a half of coffee sipping and story sharing.

Dom's Award Winning Blog has been one that I've been following since I started mine; his full of content for the past 12 years compared to my short 6.  Prior to his arrival in Wisconsin this weekend, he's been gently working his way east, highlighting each evening's long shadow beauty across our fantastic Great Plains. Dom knows how and where to aim a camera.

On my way home, I decided to give our local Minimum Maintenance road a go.  I noticed the other day that it looked as though it had not only been graded but that it had also received a new top coat of gravel.  335th has never been so nice and a far cry from the humongous ruts that were there this spring.  Now Dave and Dan would be able to do it with their road-only, low riding sidecar rigs.

Just over my right mirror, the yellow designating sign and on the horizon, the Wisconsin bluffs beyond the river.

John was raking our hay this afternoon, anxious to get it baled this evening but willing to take a few minutes to have a few words.  We discussed the newly established alfalfa/orchard grass stand, he pleased with how it "took" but we both agreed that the need for some rain was getting serious.

But then, "who painted the wall on the back of your barn?" 

I said, "what?"

He said, "you don't know??'s been penciled in and then's beautiful!"

Obviously we've had trespassers; neighbors for all intents and purpose are none.  Looks as though there's a fresh white patch to the right, I may be able to catch them at it their graffiti apparently not finished.

This evening, I was in need of root beer.  I'm not a soda drinker but I needed root beer.

Already a more than satisfying weekend, I'm looking forward to tomorrow.  Dom and I will be exploring some of my favorite roads in his family's neighborhood.  I'll shoot after pointing, Dom will be taking the photographs.


  1. Nice graphics on the barn,like the birds?

    1. Thanks Michael. Once I went back there and saw it for myself, I knew (it did take a few seconds honestly) who had done it. Mentioning it in the house, a big laugh.

      Seems like it was a "let's see how long it takes ol' dad to see it" kind of thing.

      Kiwi birds?? Well, sand hill cranes that got a little porky. Lauren should have had a stool to stretch them out a bit more; she's not short, just not quite tall enough.

    2. Michael, forgot to mention. Dom asked today about the watch fob. He spent some quality time as well.

      It's a good thing you all didn't send me a bill for your time....

  2. When you hear that the graffitists are back, remember your heart condition and make haste out there, but slowly. And if when you get there, mean and DO NOT PAY THEM.

  3. That V-Star in the last picture looks pretty nice. I had seriously considered one of them back in 2007. Shaft drive was one of the real attractions to me.

    I think the graffiti looks great...

    1. Hey Richard, the more I look at the VStar, the more I like it. Flowing Grace is what I see....with an engine. I'm not afraid to admit that I think it's classically lovely. Like you, as I shopped, the shaft was mandatory and one of the main reasons I kept coming back to the Star family.

  4. So nice to see the moto-blogger meet ups continue. And I have to agree with Richard, you’ve had art (despite the trespassing issue) added to your barn ... if you catch them could you please ask them if they are free for a shed painting night somewhere in Ontario.

    1. Karen, yesterday with Dom was great, today was even better. Next time you're headed west....

      Lauren's wondering if you have any orchestra openings nearby??

    2. There is one for a viola