Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Another Book Signing

If Roy hadn't written to us, I'd have never known.  As it was, there were 9 of us, friends, all riding friends.  Time on or around motorcycles brought us together but is not all we do though.  All of us familiar to one degree or another, Michael Perry's book signing and concert was a treat in a fun place on a lovely evening.  I read his stuff, listen to his radio show and catch his live interviews when I can.

From what I was hearing, the River Falls Wisconsin Book Club did the organizing, but it was obvious with the size of the crowd that people came from distances away; there were a lot of MN cars that we walked past to get up to where the action was.

Of course this place is always a draw, no matter what's happening on the lawn.  I've had their beer but this was my first time at the brewery.  Rush River Brewing hosted the location and business in between the Long Beds band playing and Michael's stories was brisk.

Michael was reading the Introduction from his latest, Montaigne In Barn Boots: An Amateur Ambles Through Philosophy.   I own a few of his books, have read almost all of them and I've got confidence that Santa just might drop this latest one down our chimney after the November release of the paperback version.

Michael and the Long Beds playing for the crowd.

It was fun, the crowd helped make it so.  Peg and I didn't stick around until 9 for the actual signing to commence though I'm sure that many did.

Tonight I finish packing, tomorrow after work some traveling will be my focus.  For the first time, I'll be attempting to create and Post some details, my phone and micro 7" tablet my weapons of creativity on the road.  Let's see how creative I can be!