Sunday, August 19, 2018

Riding With Dom

Dom Posted our day's activities, getting "right after it", his version of our day riding together just about covers it all.  I left him within a mile of where we started today and he must have began writing and uploading photos right away.  I took the long way home; a gas stop in Fountain City, some 'wings and an iced tea in Pepin, going up the Wisconsin side and crossing at Red Wing.

A great ride and wonderful company, an outstanding day all around.  Thinking that I'd have at least a half hour to kill based on my 6:30 departure, I took my time going down.  As once before this month, waiting until after a bunch of miles for my first coffee of the day seemed too daunting so I made a kwik stop at Kwik Trip in Wabasha.  Almost positive that as I turned the corner to cross the bridge, getting-ready-for-deer-season Dana was seen walking....nice shorts Dana!

My half hour early had turned into something more like a few minutes.  As I made my U turn in downtown Holmen to be aimed the right way, in the distance I saw a single headlight and two wheels in profile.  We were off in no time.

County S, M, I, H, G and then we focused on 'Named' roads....too many to count.  Roughly 120 miles for our loop.  A stop for gas in West Salem, something to eat in Westby, a photograph or two and then something to drink in Rockland before returning to Holmen.  Dom had specifically asked about the Mindoro Cut, our plan included a stop there but ROAD CLOSED signs steered us over to 108 instead.

Dom took some fantastic photos, proving that I actually do ride through the green and over the hills in our next door Badger State.  His on-the-go cam certainly takes a nice shot!  Determined to share some of the Amish farms/roads with Dom, we did get a chance to see a few buggies and carriages out, even though my speculation had been that we might be a bit early on Sunday for most of them to be out of their church services.

I've done some knee damage doing exactly that which Dom is doing here...our riding boots don't do everything well.

I saw the 4 black exhaust trails, then managed to hear it and finally able to pull over, get the camera out and push the button.  Hard braking, no ABS required.

In Pepin as I finished my wings and tea....a CBX I've not seen before.

Our valley across the river, Point No Point to the right.  3 miles if you were an ambitious crow, 30 miles and 35 minutes if you're a Moto Guzzi pilot.

323 pleasant Sunday miles on the Guzzi today, our time riding together a total pleasure.  Dom, sometime soon let's do it again in Wisconsin and if not before, soon in Colorado; I had a wonderful time, thank you for including me in your family time this weekend.


  1. Thank you Doug for such a great ride and introduction to the backroads of Wisconsin...I swear I would never have found some of those nicely twisting roads on my own! If you're ever near me!

    1. Dom, so glad that we could do it together. I had great fun being in front, hope you had fun following. You did well working your rig up, over and around our 'mountains'; your ride I'm sure demanding more effort than mine. As I mentioned, we were only on the edge of like roads....they go on and on.

      A ride West will be planned and hopefully carried out soon but it won't be in '18. I had actually thought about it yet this year, have decided to venture east and north instead and that happens later this week.

      Have a safe trip home and I was happy to hear that it won't be in a straight line.

  2. 323 miles is a nice days ride. Beautiful, green scenery too. That CBX is rather unusual. I'm not sure if I like the mod myself but that's just me...

    1. Richard, it felt like a proper day's ride. Seems like I've been stacking up too many Shorties lately, it was about time.

      I agree with you completely about the CBX. Not for me but a lot of craftsmanship has gone into getting that machine together and I can appreciate the art of assembly if not the art of style.

  3. I've often been intrigued with Guzzi's. Thin on the ground down my way. I've lusted after a matte green Griso a time or to in the ADV Rider classifieds.

    1. Hey Scott, a 1980 SP1000 was my entry into Sport Touring way back when. When I got this one, I was really looking for an Eldorado that wasn't in showroom condition (mine got dirty, a nick here and there). They were too $$ or too nice.

      Friend Rick had this one, something modern, turn a key and go. It's the most normal, motorcyly thing I own. As some of my collector friends say, "every guy needs a bike that doesn't need the guy" because these guys have garages full of bikes very dependent on their owners. This 750 is reasonably sized and fits that bill.