Thursday, August 23, 2018

Day .5

Expecting to work my normal hours today, I booked a motel in Wausau.

Photo courtesy of Days Inn printer

Instead I only worked a half day, took care of some things at home and left just before 2pm.  Blitzed if that's what 65-68 mph can be called when everyone else is running at least 10 over that. Still, I was relaxed and so was the Himalaya. I chose the Route using 29 on purpose. While not an Interstate it closely resembles one.

An Interstate-type of stop.....

Wausau's Rib Mountain for Dom.....

Someone must have blabbed....... apparently the word's out about my seniorness and medical condition.

Tomorrow evening, photos of big ships through the Soo Locks.

This micro tablet is actually not too bad. Writing is much slower but fast photo uploading makes up for it.