Saturday, July 7, 2018

Well Represented

I did first and most likely only Ride To Coffee this year, this morning and on the Himalaya no less.  What that meant is that the Royal Enfield brand held its own with a great variety of brands present.

Here's the unofficial tally while I was around; we had a couple folks leave so I'm only going to count the bikes I personally saw and list them in alphabetical order.  A real mix.

BSA   -           2
Cushman   -    2
Ducati      -     1
Honda   -        1
HD     -           3
Indian    -        1
Moto Guzzi -  1
Royal Enfield - 3   :) :)
Suzuki    -       1
Triumph    -    1
Victory    -      1
Yamaha    -     4


I counted 10 grease zerks on Stan's M-20.....I'd bet money your bike doesn't have that many!

A year ago our riding lawnmower had a major weld break on the bracket that essentially carries the mower deck.  Not thinking I had another choice, I went and bought an HF wire feed machine and proudly made the repair.  I was scolded (I know a couple of experienced pros) for such folly but taking the deck anywhere seemed like such a hassle and for not much more than the required trip, the welder was paid for.

Two mowings ago, our rough and tumble lawn once again (I won't mention that I cut that clothesline pole a bit tight) was too much for the old unit and that carrier let loose.  In a hurry to finish the lawn that was already going to hay, I stubbornly tried to weld the bracket in place without removing the deck from the tractor.  It was fixed but I made a mess of it and left a couple of holes I wasn't proud of.  One of the chores this afternoon was to do it right, remove the deck, plug my burned holes and get it solid for at least another season.  If you need someone to weld overhead under water, I'm not your guy.  If you need someone to weld your mower a professional....I've got a couple of phone numbers.

Lawn was mowed.

Which left time for a quick sashay around Lake Pepin.  A very pleasant 76 miles on the Breva.

Here from the Wisconsin side, we live no more than 3.5 miles straight across Lake Pepin, directly over my left mirror but it took me 33 to get here.

Another perfect, cloudless summer day.  I might even get out again tomorrow....we'll see.

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