Friday, July 20, 2018

Something Different

Early up and out, down in south central Minnesota at 8AM this morning and by 8:30, we had this loaded (in a misty shower).  Before getting back out on to the highway, I stopped to get a photograph before it got any dirtier. 

I was excited.

Home and a RAM ball mounted, I won't be adding much else to this one.  D.C. and E.C. already had the SAE pigtail installed though I may move it up and forward just a bit.

It's Friday and that meant fish....

A good test...60 miles....I found out what I need to know.  I'm still excited.

We're going to get along very well......but not tomorrow.  The new new one is going to finally get back on the road again for Lorem Ipsum.


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    1. Only discovered after I said, "I'll take it", it's the very first V Star 650. 1998 Classic. Yes, still old enough to have carbs....and a real choke.

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    1. Sonja, believe me, I thought about a black bike with flames for sale in Canada but over the last few years, considering every brand of (shaft drive) cruiser, I just kept coming back to the Yamaha version. There was no question that it would be a 650 or at least at that end of the spectrum of models. Supply around here is great but the asking price of this one and knowing its owner made the ..."I'll take it" and almost afterthought.

      How they look seldom makes a difference to me but I'll admit that the lines of this one really feel good.

  4. Ah, the Classic, I was waiting for a picture. I hope it fits you well, but then again, I know you are versatile. Welcome to the cruiser family.

    1. Karen, your voice of authority here shows; Fit is something I do rather than have. The bike originally came with pegs but was adapted to floor boards. A week ago I'd have told you they'd be the first things out of the saddlebags and mounted....but for now at least, the 'boards stay.

      My knees require repositioning for tight U-turns but otherwise, I found everything about the ride comfortable and plush.

      Keeping in mind that all of my 'serious' bikes need to be rally-able, this one already has a slot in the schedule. She had a pillion seat that was in the saddlebag as well but I expect to leave that rack in place. A sissy bar/additional rack would have made camping gear easier but this season we'll start with the upcoming motel rally first and go from there.

      Thanks, I know it's a large and fine family to be a part of.

  5. You have a sickness my friend. Gonna need more cowbell for that itch!

    1. Scott, I see no need to apply a cure just yet....I'll keep ya posted!! :)