Sunday, July 22, 2018

Lorem Ipsum - 2018

Peg asked, ".....which event is tomorrow again....??

After I responded with an upbeat tone....

"Maybe just take the sidecar."

Of the many rallies and events that I've ridden to now these last 14 years, none have provided quite the challenge that this annual event seems to have.  One year there was a close and personal connection with a guard rail, another year Lauren and I started out on the scooter only to be rescued by her mom with Helix transmission trouble.

Not only did I manage to both Go and Return this time, it was a Very Fine Grand Day Out.  Since I'd expected to see a bunch of the British Bike Cooperative riders in Viroqua and then didn't really, it was a good thing my day started out with a British theme.  Realizing that my planned first time breakfast stop at the River Cafe in Trempealeau was going to be far too far away for my first hot cup of coffee, I stopped at my favorite convenience store in Wabasha for a starter cup.  Dana was there as he was a couple of weeks ago, asking if I was headed to Mondovi again for breakfast.  Then he'd said hi and yesterday, we chanced upon another meeting.  Nice to meet you Dana, hope to see you again soon, same time, same place! :)

In Trempealeau at the River Cafe, I immediately see Full English Breakfast on the special's board and there it was in the menu as well.  Annie quickly said, "you'll want this for sure".

...and this was why she was so confident.....

HP Sauce, no mustard, no ketchup.....


 In Viroqua right around 11am for the official 'start'....Frank's bike was immediately drawing attention.

Glen was right in there checking out the gizmo' valve adjustment or shim replacement on this baby.

Darrel was there.  If you're not a subscriber to his newsletter, you should be.

Steve was there, hope to see you on the road again soon and nice to meet you!

Driftless Books is inside.....

I don't see grips like this everyday....

I went inside the bookstore and of course came out with one....there is a LOT to choose from.

Good Luck sir........

You never know what's going to show up....

Glen said, "I should have brought mine".  Not that large of crowd and 2 real owners....My TranZalp just a poor wannabe.

Not a Kawasaki but there's a very good chance he's got one of those too at home.

Eric and Cindy arrived after a hectic morning.  I didn't get a decent photo of the new rig but will.  It sure looks awesome!  According to Cindy, it appears to work just fine too.

Such a beautiful day, the decision seemed to be a universal one....we should be out riding.  I stopped on Hall Road to highlight the many buggy wheel tracks.

Not very crowded at The Goose.

A ceremonial stop at Kolbo Road...

It was a perfect day for a poor sense of direction (none of it really planned) and I was still south of Plainview when Peg texted "The music good, you should come".

So I did.....arriving just before 8PM

Red Wing's annual Rolling River Music In The Park Festival.

A 359 mile day, 15 hours and for the record, 15 hours is just about the perfect amount of time to cover 359 miles.  A good day though some of my friends missing at the last minute and if the BBC guys were there, there weren't enough of them on old stuff.

Of special note, Kammel Road is in fact now REALLY CLOSED.  It was closed the last time I was there but still ridable on whatever I was there on.  This time, no way could even the mighty Himalaya traverse that washed out mess.  I saw a signboard reporting that the Town Board held a meeting about culverts and road repair.  You guys better hurry, Kammel is reverting back to the way god created it.


  1. Really like that new shirt. A grand day and a full day for you! Good luck with that list.

    1. Eric, hope the rest of your trip brought some good news. That shirt has already paid for itself :)

  2. Wow, you really had a long day. Looks like fabulous weather though. And the RE the perfect bike too.

    1. Long(er) day for me Brandy, certainly than what I'm used to but it was all good.

      It's interesting about the RE; word is out. Fewer people are acting surprised with more of them responding, "I've heard good things" Heard it again yesterday...they know someone that knows.

  3. I am impressed with your English breakfast, Looks like it was a great day...and to end it with music in the park was perfect!

    1. The cook came over to my table and apologized for the bangers; he wasn't satisfied with their current supplier. Also, he's getting back bacon in to replace what was prepared for me.

      "Come back next week"

      Such a nice evening to be outside listening to music with the neighbors!

  4. … luv the Nash.. it's almost a Rambler... :)

  5. That was one full day, good thing you started with that breakfast.

    1. It carried me that Strawberry cone.

  6. Gave picture of watch fob to my cousin. She has some one to show it to. Will let you know if some thing new happens.

  7. Amsterdam flag has 3 crosses, they can be horizontal or vert., St. Andrews crosses.I still think it's Roman numeral x (10)