Sunday, July 8, 2018

How Many?

How many of these perfect summer days can we string together??

I'm all for finding out.  Before you know it, we'll be taking them for granted.  This morning early, another excuse for a half order of Biscuits and Gravy at A.J.'s Northside Cafe in Baldwin.  The slices I saw of rhubarb pie looked oh so tempting but I did not succumb.

120 miles on the took a few kicks though and always does after weeks of non-use neglect.  After being on the bigger bikes, it's easy to forget out easily the Yamaha really does go down the road at highway speeds.  With its extroverted gearing (4 fewer teeth in back) an honest GPS 55 and 60 are maintainable most everywhere.  The engine really spins but it has done it for mile after mile.

I'll be talking to Marty soon about a tire....getting just a little too squirrely for my favorite gravel roads.

I've been going through old photos for an upcoming family event and came upon a few that I may as well share.

Grandpa and I with real horsepower...Pearl and Silver.....and it would appear I'm not all that happy to be where I am.  Who knows, maybe I wanted to be on the tractor??

The summer of 2017 wasn't the first time I was at Beartooth Mountain and with no idea that I'd return on a beat up old KLR.

Our first one, '64 Honda 55cc Yellow Trail with the 72 tooth overlay sprocket.  My brother practicing his stance so that he'd be ready for a V-Rod someday, Trixie anxious to get on with it and me waiting my turn.....there was a lot of that.

We no longer had to wait our turn.  My brother's 1970 SL100 green Honda (it's here in the garage) and my 1970 AT1 Yamaha Enduro, white, just like a 2018 Himalaya that eventually came along to replace it.

To respect this last perfect summer weather day of the weekend, the 400 Auto got backed out of the garage for a quick loop into Red Wing.  The river is still very high.

The river a very busy place, even late this afternoon.


  1. That really is high water! Any flooding this year?

    I like the B/W photos.

    1. Richard, we’ve had a couple of driveway high waters but the high mid-summer rivers are from huge deluge rains.

      I remember much from the old days but not specifically the grade school photos. I remember the yellow Honda days ;)

  2. I’ve been watching the weather and it looks like it’s been a little toasty out your way, it has been in the east as well, but had a little bit of a surprise cool down today, which made it perfect. looks like motorcycling runs in the family.

    1. Karen, it’s been warm but some moderation this week. The scary part is I believe I’m getting used to it.