Sunday, May 13, 2018

Old Blue Got Out

Ol' Blue has been parked right next to the shop door all winter and as such, has been walked past, brushed against, hundreds of times.  Today as I scurried back and forth trying to get some things put in their Summer Place rather than their Winter Place, the old XS650 was feeling especially left out.  Knowing where it was sitting and where that darn'ed new white one was, way out there by the big door, made the old boy especially frustrated.

I aired up the tires, checked the oil, unplugged the Tender, new license tab'd it and backed it outside into the Partly Sunny.  Quite sure I even heard it gasp.

Lunch at the Eagle Cafe...always good.  Numerous breakfasts, a few lunches and hopefully sometime soon, my first Friday Fish Fry.

Short staffed, I somehow managed to get the old bike up on its centerstand.  Normally it takes two men and a boy.

A tight and quite steep switchback on Hanson Road.

The 650 today actually saw some rougher conditions than the Himalaya did last weekend though the XS has seen much worse.  Next weekend the Himalaya may just get a chance to show the 40 year old machine what IT'S made of.

A couple of months ago I made an investment in my future and today part of that investment paid Award!

A nice quick afternoon ride, 107 miles worth, home in time to take care of a few things that won't get my attention until after next weekend when I'm away at GR3.

When I was pushing the '78 XS650 in the garage, I heard a small sigh and then, "So you do still love me??"

Old Blue
I do
How could I sell you?


  1. I would have difficulty juggling riding that many bikes.

    1. Richard, this takes energy that I've managed to harness.

  2. O'Blue would be one of those bikes that after ya sold it.... regret..... I won't sell either of mine.

  3. .. and besides.. it you let it go.... ya'll won't have the "mirroes" anymore and won't be able to pick up alpha sin torry…. even the Himmy doesn't have the feature....

    1. Very access channels to the heavens will be gone.