Wednesday, May 9, 2018


It seemed like a long wait.  There were expectations of an arrival last fall but that got pushed out to April.  A few of us had our money down on one last winter but many more of us have anxiously been waiting.

A week ago today my 2018 Royal Enfield Himalaya Adventure motorcycle arrived in Minneapolis at GoMoto.  I was working that morning but had representatives on-site to help with the unloading, assembly and finally, delivery to my door.

Thanks to you all but especially Mr. Mike and Mrs. Mike; you truly made my Slimey Crud Run weekend.

Last Wednesday early afternoon....(thanks for all the photos Mike!)

And the Little Red Truck in Frontenac....

Unloaded Wednesday afternoon and a couple of portraits....

Wednesday evening, a quick 20 mile ride....

Tuesday evening after a very successful 5 day weekend and Slimey Crud Run.

Soon, a Post dedicated to our weekend in Southern Wisconsin.


  1. Looks pretty nice! Looking forward to a more extensive ride report/review...

  2. I suspect a large .. big slice of Himmy " pie " at the end of the year. :)

  3. Looks great, I am also looking forward to a full ride review. Did a quick calculation, that many miles per day should put you at over 20,000 miles by the end of the season