Saturday, November 25, 2017

Thanksgiving Weekend - 2017

The legacy thanks and the current's all been good.  We had two of the girls home, Hanna was home a few short weeks ago and just knowing that Ben is back from Kuwait and now in Texas is good enough for us.  So many things, so many of them good with nothing that we have to or will complain about and more than that, a holiday to remind us to take none of it for granted.

Black holiday shopping expenditures for the day; 1.8 gallons of gas, biscuits/gravy in Nelson, 2 cups of coffee and a Pulled Pork sandwich from the Blue Coconut BBQ vendor.

120 very pleasant miles.

Lost Creek Road.....

Elberg Hill Road...the Mississippi River in the furthest valley.

Hunter On The Cliff....quite the deer stand. His orange stood out a lot more yesterday than in this photo.

One of 5 water crossings on one of my favorite Wisconsin Rustic Roads.  To the guy on the bagger that I met at my last/your first are a manly man!!  The water had been higher and every water run had patches of ice on the entry and exit.

I regularly listen to the farm reports and this week heard, "....95% of the MN corn crop harvested...".  That might be true statewide but definitely not true in our area.  The season got late and crops have been slow to mature; grain dryers are steaming everywhere getting the corn down to the mid-teens in moisture percentage.   There is a LOT still standing.

A fabulous day for all, an amazing day for riding and I was far from alone on the bike.  As lovely as the day had been, the sky almost cloudless, I honestly enjoyed the late afternoon dark and November-like grey more.  The sun gone, still 61 degrees.

 No sun and much more appropriate for this time of year. ;)

It DID rain, somewhat threatening our evening plans for Red Wing's Holiday Stroll, but it happened and very successfully.  Peg not feeling well and Lauren working, I started the evening on my own.  It was still lightly raining when I got out of the car at 4:45 though the skies were clearing and the radar definitely looking hopeful.

The sky brighter to the west....

Just in time, a peek of sunshine illuminated the very top of Barn Bluff.

Lined up at the Sheldon Theater to get a photo with Santa....

Some lambs in the Cornerstone Community Church.

This is a very good place to spend time, any time, in November.  I passed it dozens of times all evening and not once did I enter, that for one and only one reason....the line only got longer.  Speaking of dozens.....

 Santa was busy on the Sheldon stage....

Divas Through The Decades...

I waved at mom.....

 After the parade as everyone was Strolling back to their cars and homes....

Today (Saturday) we harvested this year's centerpiece....

I very sincerely hope that your holiday weekend was grand.


  1. This is the time of year when I'm forced to put my bikes away whilst reading about others still riding. I try not to turn too deep a shade of green when I see pictures of motorcycles on the side of snow and ice free roads, so keep them coming.
    Red Wing's Holiday Stroll seems kind of interesting. Is it intended as a shopping outing? Or just an opportunity to get out and about with locals and enjoy a hot chocolate or something?

    1. David, it's been a really nice autumn, at least for riding. A late crop season but even the farmers are getting a break. The next couple of weeks are predicted to be mild and that means snow-free.

      Road salt is normally what closes my riding season and other than a few local bridge decks, we've only got 'fresh' water on the roadways.

      The 'Stroll is about all of the above...brick and mortar, hometown happy, a chance to be outside and see your neighbors outside of the workplace, etc. All of the stores were open downtown, if not late, then later. I saw them being patronized...lots to smile about all around.

      (I was out again for 60 miles on Sunday, 4 degrees C. It's 8PM here now, 13.3 C degrees right now)

  2. You had me at biscuits and gravy. My all time favorite breakfast. (And yes I can make a vegan version - just with mushrooms instead of sausage in the gravy).

    That looks the perfect way to spend Black Friday. We too were going to go for a ride but Brad ran a little long with a buddy he was helping install farkles on his bike so it was a no go. Sigh

    1. It was a great weekend around here in every way. With available light and afternoon temperatures, timing for me has been everything.

      Hopefully you can sneak another ride in??

  3. Looks like a neat event...Mike & I will have to go to it someday. Definitely looks like a great way to ease into the holiday season. I do enjoy your adventures!

    1. Speedy, maybe you guys can make it next year? For as poor as the predicted weather looked, the evening was actually quite nice.

      Thanks, I'm glad that you come along.

  4. It was good to hear that Ben is back in the states, it at least sounds much safer

    1. rmo, we're happy too! To make his parents feel just a bit better, we're advised that living Stateside can be just as dangerous and often more so. Still, he's closer and at least there's potential for a visit.