Saturday, December 2, 2017

A Sunday and A Saturday - December 2nd!!

Both last weekend and this....some riding....and it hasn't been all that tough or demanding!  Last Sunday, mid-40's for a temperature in the afternoon, some hazy sun but when it shone bright, wow was it nice!

This just across the river, across into Wisconsin from us.  I didn't travel far, made the ride w/o the GPS (felt like I was almost naked....had to keep looking down to confirm that I hadn't gone out minus my pants), something I don't do very often.  These late fall afternoons almost end before they start; Old Sol has its downward arc planned before it even reaches that day's apex.  It was a time constraint that made me head out the driveway before making one more trip into the house to grab the nearest GPS unit; I needed to get on with it.

I will share that it was only a 35 mile ride but knowing that it might be my last one for the '17 season seemed to make the mileage feel the equivalent of many more.

Coffee this morning in Mpls., a Can-Am Spyder, CRF 250L Honda and an Ultraglide the machines brave enough for an early December hot cup trip.  After that, some time spent at mom's house and some help from our VJMC club members with the dispersal of dad's collection of 80's and 90's motorbike magazines.  There's still a large pile of 70's and 35 years worth of RIDER magazines remaining.

Thanks guys - glad someone can use them!

Back home early this afternoon, it was simply too nice to not suit up; notice we're still a bit shy of 50, my normal threshold for easy fun.

Nick doing some fall tillage; this field adjacent to the ones my mom tramped about in while a young girl.

The long way to Red Wing.....a 55 mile loop when done most properly.

The Pie Chart is done (for the second time) and will be published soon.  However, I'm thinking there will be another family history Post before the tallied numbers are made public.  The 10 day outlook shows that we'll be lucky to break 25 degrees, so this just about does it.

There will be time for the results...the potential for a long winter is great.


  1. That last line doesn’t sound very encouraging.

    1. Richard,
      Probably overly pessimistic especially so considering that our winter is patiently waiting for its official start. We've had a wonderful and long lasting autumn.

  2. Glad you got out for a few rides before the 25 degree temps hit. we are down in the 30's in the morning but getting up to mid-40's during the day. Now if the obligations would stop, we could ride!