Sunday, November 5, 2017

Not Really Another One....

Only part of one.

I'm hoping to get this one back on the road....

I have to go deep inside to replace the kick start shaft, which I have.  I do not have a muffler and need one.

This is the kind of weather we've been having, making it easy to be busy in the shop disassembling.

Last weekend Mike turned me on to an online auction happening down in Omaha.  Sunday afternoon I bid $50 on an old Honda and won.  When I mentioned to Peg that I'd won the auction and would be making a road trip to Omaha, she seemed to be a lot more concerned about the quantity in the garage than the cost of reaching that quantity, who knows why??

I was excited about a daylong blitz to Omaha to pick up the bike and since I had only 2 weeks in which to pick it up, last Friday was my hoped for pickup day with a stop in rural Iowa at Baxter Cycle the bonus along the way.  When I mentioned Friday to Rich, I was informed that wasn't going to work.

"I'll be in Mpls picking up and dropping off bikes....."  Well now, that was a scheduling problem that I could work with, would be convenient even though I would miss out on my road trip.

Friday didn't work but Saturday did.

I'm thinking I should ask for some of my money back.....look, leaky fork seals.

The muffler and kick start lever were what made this all worth it.


  1. Money back because of the leaky fork seal; THAT was funny.

  2. Wow, all that for $50. How could you go wrong?

    The snow looks pretty, but no fun. I guess I'll stick with rain for now......

    1. It feels like "pretty" everyday lately. We're beginning to think there won't be many warm ones remaining in '17.

  3. Well... that’ll keep you busy for a spell and out of other trouble. :)