Monday, November 6, 2017

MN Swan Ride - 2017

Yesterday was the 24th annual MN Swan Ride and my brother was among the first to arrive on a very chilly morning.  We were still getting rain down in Red Wing at that time and I was still debating whether or not I'd suit up for the event.

This the planned Route, 140+ miles to arrive at The Cove in Buffalo City.  Using even the shortest way home, most participants were looking at  230+ mile day; my brother managed 278.

All of these photos courtesy of my brother's image-taking....mine begin once you see the yellow scooter.


Fury Motors sponsors a free breakfast and a gathering place for the ride's send-off.

Whenever I've participated in the ride, their established Route was intercepted by me.  Sometimes with a coffee thermos, always with a camera, I've watched the riders come and go, working their way to the lunchtime rendezvous.  Yesterday was no different, though an attempt was made at picking a corner where I'd catch the group(s) going by.

Arriving quite early, the church service was still in progress, cars parked in and around this big corner.

I was ready...with lots of time to spare.

 Lunchtime at The Cove in Buffalo City, the Mississippi 15 feet from where I'm standing.

 It was just the right kind of day for dessert.....

 Rum Cherry to be exact....

So while the real riders did well more than 200 miles, my piddly ride was 109.

The pie chart is getting sliced, optimistically, a few more adjustments yet this riding season.


  1. No such thing as piddly when it's in the thirties and November. Glad you were out!

    1. You were out since then I believe? I've not given up...the TW and the RE are right in front.

      Maybe an overnight beside some cool, breezy lake Thanksgiving weekend??

  2. Looks like a chilly day. I am glad so many riders were out in spite of the weather. You must have been chilly after that ice cream......looks more like pie day to me. ;-)

    1. You are right, it was chilly but I was actually quite comfortable. I haven't run my old Widder vest for years. That was plugged in, I wore the electric gauntlet gloves too but didn't plug those in.

      The coldest part that day was standing and waiting for everyone to make my corner.

      And yes, it was a pie day but as I sometimes do, it was time for a bit of contrary. :)