Friday, March 8, 2013

What The Warming Will Bring?


These were taken a few years ago during the spring melt (Milford, our Corgi was still here).

Here you can see up the valley, the entirety of which drains mostly across, some underneath, our driveway.  The main dry ditch is just to the right of the tree, on the other side of the berm to the right; this water is coming from the hills to the left, across our cornfield.  It finally enters the main 'waterway' right where I'm standing, adding to an already strong flow.

See the resemblance between the following two photos?

Milford and I headed down the driveway to inspect the Roaring Waters.....

And we found them here....Note the snowfence across the ditch.  This is the low spot that fills in with snow so severely when the wind blows at anything over 3.7mph.

Standing upstream, looking down across the driveway...

And finally, standing on the driveway (in about 18" of water), looking upstream.  At the deepest point there is about 2' of very swift water over the slab.

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