Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter!

Yesterday afternoon turned absolutely lovely; local temps were in the mid-50's and people were out enjoying themselves.  Today's just-above-freezing temps and strong NW winds remind that winter still has a strong grip on what has to be the eventual change.

Peg has been 'cooking' these cupcakes and I'd really like to say that I helped......  I am just about ready to start cooking for this afternoon's meal but will have to come up with something else for our desert......

They would have loved some Easter afternoon sun, but that isn't absolutely necessary to be comfortable......


  1. Wow, those cupcakes look like a lot of hard work, but are so cute. Very creative. Good job Peg.

    1. One of the guys Peg works with saw her busy with these and was determined that she teach him how to knit. She advised that he start with a scarf rather than a 4 stick cupcake. I'm so glad that she's got time to do this again. Those years while she was working and going to school left little time for yarn projects.

      What I really miss is the sound of her spinning wheel....that may never fill the room again.

  2. Coop - when your cupcakes have to put on toques it must have gotten cold again for sure (really too cute.) My tabby cat looks very much like yours ... and she is definitely a sun-seeker.
    Happy Easter to you and your family. Enjoy.

    1. Thanks Karen, both of these guys mostly get along very well and really appreciate good lap time. He showed up here in a load of hay as a kitten.

  3. Do your cats take shots at the cupcakes? Stuff some catnip in those, make them a little smaller and you could sell those in independent pet shops!

  4. The cats haven't had the chance yet....the 'cakes are that fresh. I can tell you that our grey one is a yarn hound; he's capable of finding and pulling yarn from a locked safe so we literally work at hiding the yarn and had to keep the unfinished cupcakes on a high shelf in a locked room.

    A good idea but these designer items, even if smaller would have to sell for $200 each to cover the time/materials so we'd need to find just the right cats. We've got millions worth of yarn projects around here.

  5. Coop:

    Happy Easter to you too. We had a great sunny weekend up here but this week has gone downhill a bit

    Love your cupcake balls

    hope your driveway isn't flooded

    Riding the Wet Coast

  6. Thank Bob. Saturday morning was cool and rainy, but still above freezing. By afternoon it got lovely outside and I spent it in town because I was unable to get home on our driveway. We've had so much driveway water adventure I'm hesitant to even write about it.

    50's tomorrow and Friday, still a lot of snow in the valley that has to go somewhere and every icy crystal has their sight set on our driveway. When (more) of the birds start singing, I may recount the story. For now, I'm trying to dwell on other things.

    I DID get the little '70 SL100 Honda running, so that's a win! It had been sitting for a few years and when i took it apart, found that the float needle valve in the carburetor was gone, telling me that dad was in there trying to work on it and either lost or forgot it when he put it back together. The dad I grew up with never would have done such a thing. The 84 year old dad wasn't as good of mechanic as he'd once been.