Saturday, March 9, 2013

First Sunday in May

It will be here before you know it.......

To whet your appetite, this video was put together by friend Scott with the help of the other participants and does an excellent job of sharing the fun we had at our first Slimey Crud Run back in May of 2006.  Steve, Becky, Scott, Chris and Coopdway were there......and you should have been.


  1. That was fun to watch!

    Then I turn and look out my window...that rain coming has a lot of work to do.

  2. Lots of work but very persistent. We've had rain since at least 3AM, 35 degrees here now and though the rain has let up, there's another huge wave coming from the southwest. The snow has settle a lot already.

    No matter, I'm in the shop, taking care of the Morphous. Ms. Lang's "Ingenue" smoothness is playing and things are more than good here now.

    Those little sprouts and flowers will not be held back.