Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Few Are Out....

But alas, not I.

Yesterday morning early, I was up (drove) for coffee and of course Paul rode his Ural rig to join the fun; he misses very few Saturday morning coffee events no matter the weather.  The turnout was good but there was only one machine on less than 4 wheels.  After spending the afternoon with my mom and my dad's sister, I drove home in hazy, mid-30's sunshine.  With no wind yesterday, it was lovely outside, melting and evaporation combining to do all they could to battle against the drifts and ice.

Last evening, riding buddy Dave shared his afternoon ride with me, on one of our favorite local Minimum Maintenance Roads.  Of course, he was the only motorcycle there and even with his big GS rig, there was too much snow to tackle the truly fun parts of the road.  Conditions were perfect for the snowmobiles however.


  1. Brrrr. Those Urals will go about anywhere in any condition won't they?

    We rode to coffee yesterday morning in the 33˚ weather in the hopes it would be sunny after. No such luck. Windy and cold so we just rode back home after. The sun did peek out late afternoon though.

    1. Within reason, I'd be fine riding or could be in those temps for short distances. My favorite rides will typically last most of the day and I can get away with a lot for that first hour or so. If mid-day warming doesn't happen it can be too much.

      With all of our moisture around here, hovering around freezing means ice patches. They can be in the oddest places, forcing care to be taken even in the car. Spots that were fine at 3PM can be tricky by 6PM

      No sun here today, I saw a dozen little ice pellets on the backs of the outside cats though never noticed anything while I was out in the shop. So far that's the only moisture we've had.

  2. Someone asked me recently why bother riding my new sidecar rig in the winter, I told them to think "street legal snow machine" and then it made complete sense to them. Even without 2WD, it's still fun.

    1. Even as close as we are to the river, we've still got a 180 degree sweep of roads that would be great fun in the winter, making it easy to stay out of high speed traffic's way.

      Some day I'll join you 3 wheel types.....