Friday, December 21, 2012

Total Riding Miles for 2012

Well the ciphering is complete. I try to keep my spreadsheet up to date after each ride but it doesn't always happen.  Sometimes I just wait until the end of the month rolls around and take inventory totals then.  Maintenance items, oil changes, valve adjustments, new tires, etc. are all entered.  Chain lubes and tire pressure checks are not.

I knew the totals were going to be smaller and sure enough, they are.  This was the least I've ridden since I returned to helmet-wearing back in 2004.  This season there were no big trips, nothing more than a couple of long weekends and the trend this year at the rallies was to ride less and talk more.  There were a couple of months when I wasn't feeling too well and that put a damper on riding as well.

Even with all of that, it was a good riding year and I'll announce right here and now that miles ridden next season will be greater.

So here's the list of machines presently sleeping in the garage, listed by age.

1962 Honda C105 Trail Bike, 55cc
1970 Honda SL100, 100cc
1982 BMW RT100, 980cc
1983 Honda Ascot VT500FT, 500cc
1992 Yamaha TW200, 200cc
2000 Ducati ST2, 944cc
2004 Honda Helix CN250, 250cc
2007 Yamaha Morphous, 250cc*
2010 Hyosung GT250R, 250cc*

1975 Honda CB200, 200cc  This one runs but doesn't go, at least not until the Cafe Project is complete.

So those are the bikes that were ridden or could have been ridden and below are the miles totaled, from least to most.  These totals don't necessarily line up with the list above.


The resulting total mileage is 8691 combined.  My biggest year since 2004 was just a fraction over 17K, almost double the miles ridden this year.  Considering that I now often average 35mph instead of 60+, I think I did quite well.  Now if we could just get our auto driving miles/year down into this range.......that would be worthy of celebration.

* The last two items in each list DO correlate


  1. Wow, nine bikes! I have enough to deal with just one. But in our abbreviated season, I managed 9142 miles but that included my summer road trip. Usually it's about half that.

  2. You have the German thing now... it eat's pavement at a high rate... so your miles and smiles should increase... :)

    1. Anonymous, trip planning is in the dream phase now and once the holidays are fading, the maps will be spread out on the floor w/cats to pinpoint the targets. Winter maintenance will start in the cozy shop, further tempting me for that first trip.

  3. I really liked the Hyosung GT250R when I was looking and was very tempted. It came down between the Hyosung, the Honda CBR250R, and the People 250S. I ended up with the Kymco, but have a soft spot in my heart for the Hyosung. How's it been for you? It appears to be your "high mileage" bike. Of course, I read the above comment so that may change :)

    I'm hoping I remembered to write down the end mileage on the Symba last December.

  4. Great list of bikes in the stable and pretty good mileage for the year. Any time on two wheels is time well spent.

    And don't feel bad about it being under 10k miles. I am sure mine is less than half of that. Even with the big 1500 mile trip to Eastern Oregon it wasn't as many miles as last year. next year we are hoping to get out more.

    I don't keep track of my miles very close and I never set a mileage goal for the year, that way I can be happy with however many miles I did manage to squeeze in.

    1. Trobairitz,
      You use so it's easy to look back. Annual report says 3277 miles so far this year, just a bit less than last year. I just started this year and except for the hassle entering data while going through Canada (no cell phone service), it is a great way to track mileage.

    2. The Fuelly site is new to me, I'll have to check that out.

    3. Trobairitz,
      I don't really set a mileage goal, that would be closer to making it a task than I'd ever want; I've way too many of those as it is. Based on other things that had an impact on riding this past year, I'm confident that more miles ridden will just roll out on their own.

  5. Keith,
    Odd story about how I actually ended up with the Hyo. Our Mpls Kymco dealer had their annual Cabin Fever Days (Feb) and my visit was to get a good look at the newly introduced Downtown model. Their recent acquisition of the Hyosung line was a complete surprise to me.

    Another Coffee Friend's Hyo already had me watching for used GT's, so when I walked in and saw the marked down price on the GT250R, I was an owner before leaving that day, my first new vehicle of any kind since the mid-80's.

    I love the bike, the V-twin a major factor. It honestly feels like a small version of my Ducati and comes without the 'overhead'. The Duc fell very near the bottom of that mileage list above; it needs a new rear tire. That money buys ~2500 miles of gas for my 60mpg+ machines. Given the choice, it really wasn't much of one.

    I'd definitely do the Hyo again.