Saturday, December 1, 2012

Among the First

I hung around at the coffee shop this morning longer than is normal for me though I had a very good reason.  Friend Dave put together an incredible photo shoot this past summer and though none of my machines were featured, I knew most of the owners and was familiar with the machines that were going to be included.

Hot off the press, the calendar that we were waiting for was finally picked up from the printers only this past week and was ready for distribution.  The call went out last spring for local area bikes to be used for the 2013 Minnesota Motorcycle Pin Ups calendar, the event to be shot at a local area park.  Due to scheduling conflicts and other assorted changes, the gathering was finally held in a city park in River Falls, WI. (Minnesota, Wisconsin, we're all friends here...)  Unfortunately,  I wasn't available that day, but from the way I understand it,  there were some very eager and capable volunteers present to assist in any way they might.

Mark's beautiful 305 Super Hawk is on the cover, Eric Stender's photo a lovely teaser as to the other photos inside.  Not one of your plain-jain 13 month calendars, this one is an incredible 14 month item that takes you all of the way through 01/14 with seventeen professionally done, high-res photos in all.

Machines featured include an R90S, '70 Ducati 450 Jupiter, '71 XS1B Yamaha 650, '47 Indian Chief, '73 Norton Comando, '63 Allstate/Vespa and others.

The models as well as the bikes are a diverse and interesting lot; all of them given credit inside.

Dave took this task on as a fun project, hoping and succeeding in drawing on his extensive group of friends and their machines.  I purchased two today as gifts; my mention of the calendars here only to assist Dave's recovery of his costs.  If you're interested, email me and I'll pass your inquiry on.


  1. What a great idea for a calendar. It must take quite the high level of skill and dedication to not only coordinate bikes and models, but to organize the calendar for printing too.

  2. We're all in agreement that Dave organized, and with gracious help, did a very nice job. There was much excitement last will be interesting to see if there's a 2014 version.

    It really is a very impressive collection and from all I've heard, everyone had fun contributing.