Saturday, December 1, 2012

Saturday Afternoon Fencing Project

A warm upper-40's, misty afternoon was a perfect setting for me to get back outside and finish my already begun fencing project, a project to dismantle rather than mantle our pasture fence.  Now that the horses and goats are gone, there really is no need for the fences to be up and in the way.  Our huge deer population has historically been very good at pulling the wire down and dragging it everywhere.  We took some of the cropland away from the farmer that leases our workland to increase the space for the ponies years ago and now that they're gone, it may as well be cropped again.

Today's crew included, from front to back, Pan the Man, a recent arrival (road drop-off??), MoMo and Percy in the back.  White and grey are shelter-rescued moms, all 3 seemingly enjoying the outdoor life in our barn.

Today's harvest......

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