Saturday, December 8, 2012

An Evening Out

When I left work yesterday, I had to sweep snow off of the car before I could go a few miles north to pick up Peg.  We manged to find the fast(er) roads out of town and headed up to our oldest daughter's to celebrate her birthday.

The very first thing we needed to do upon arrival was get introduced to her new horse, Katai.

Pizza at daughter's favorite place in Dresser and with plenty of time to kill, we went to visit her workplace and met many of her co-workers.  From there it was out to the Trollhaugen Ski Hill where we'd be listening to Charlie Parr perform.  Katlyn's housemate met us there after she got home from work and it was great for me to finally get the chance to meet Lisa.

Katlyn and I had seen Mr. Parr before at Oak Center General Store and his playing was a joy to see as well as hear.  It was fun last night, the beer very good, even though noisy bars are definitely not my favorite place to witness music.

The Snowboarders were everywhere and even though I somehow managed to find a window in time when they weren't on the slopes, only minutes before the white downhill runs looked like anthills.

Charlie was accompanied by a fantastic blues harpist and I especially enjoyed his mouth harp work when Charlie picked up his banjo.  Please excuse the low light photo.

Note the tackle box full of harps.....

After a very long day and drive home on roads that were right on the edge of slippery, it was finally time to call it a day.  I'm not as good at these going-to-bed-when-I-normally-get-up nights any longer.

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