Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mark Twain's Home - Hartford, CT

As a life-long Mark Twain fan, I took full advantage of being in Hartford, CT a few years ago, stopping to see the museum and his preserved home.  While our daughter was busy with her violin audition, I found my way over to the facility and enjoyed, since it was a quiet winter's weekday, an almost empty museum with the freedom to see everything at first attempt.

The Carriage House is the building on the right, the main home on the left, the museum itself is out of the frame, off to the right.

Twain was hungry to be a successful inventor; this type machine consumed much of his fortune and though it worked, was a financial failure.

Even if you're not a machinist as I am, the very involved mechanisms document an obviously awesome machine.

"I have sampled this life......" - Mark Twain

Walking over to the main home from the Carriage House with the tour group......

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