Friday, February 10, 2012

Honda Helix, Ultimate Touring Machine

While the motorcycle press hasn't exactly determined that a Honda Helix is in any way considered a touring machine, let alone the ultimate version, I have, and that's what matters.  Having sold the Buddy 125 and my Honda Pacific Coast, I was ready for something that combined the best features of the two machines.  Based on my reading, the Helix was going to be exactly what I was looking for.  Between the recommendations online, the long-running reputation and what I had learned with the Buddy 125, I was ready for the 250 Helix.

There were several available online but a yellow '04 really caught my eye.  I met with the owner, took a fairly short test ride though it was long enough to get up to highway speed and I was hooked; the deal was done.  Going back a few days later with a check and a helper to take the car home, the Helix was in the stable.

My first real ride.....

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