Thursday, February 2, 2012

Italian V Twin.....another one

As mentioned in a previous post, motorcycle riding (and ownership) was restarted in 2004.  Son Ben and I hauled the 2000 ST2 Ducati home from southern Indiana and I was anxious to begin riding though getting back into the swing of things took a bit of effort.  I had no decent helmet, riding gear, etc. so other than a quick trip around the block', those first few short rides weren't really very comfortable.  Sure I could work the clutch, throttle, shifting and braking but I was rusty and knew it.

By the fall of 2004, new gear was obtained, my confidence and ease with riding returned.

By the following Spring, dad's ability to ride was fading, his collection of rides stuck in the shed, parked and unused.  We arranged for me to take 3 of his remaining 7 bikes, I rented a truck and hauled the CM400T, CX500C and XL350, all Honda's home.  Dad had purchased the 400 used from a friend, bought the CX500 new and the XL350 from me back in the late 70's.  The '76 XL350 had been mine, as mentioned in a previous post.

These Ducati's aren't limited to pavement riding.......380th south of Dubuque.

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