Saturday, February 4, 2012

Pinkie....the Scooter

It wasn't like I was the first one to figure it out or anything; other 'experienced' riders were showing interest but even at that, it wasn't the normal or expected thing to do.  What am I referring to?  A mostly sudden, serious interest in scootering.  Looking back, part of the fascination was probably due to 'small wheels' being something new, though much of the interest could be attributed to a feeling that the whole idea of bigger, more complicated and faster was wearing thin.

Living rural, riding rural and with long spans of available travel days being a thing of the past, staying closer to home on roads that had long been favorite riding anyway made the concept of slower and calmer an intriguing discovery.

One of the very best things about the Internet is the easy and fast access it provides to hobbies and those groups devoted to their hobbies.  As everyone knows, the trail of branches once an online search has begun has the potential of reaching every leaf and bud of the proverbial tree.  My searching led me to The Genuine Scooter Company and their machines, products I'd previously had no knowledge of (or interest in). 

Though Genuine had numerous models, their flagship model of the Twist And Go (TAG) machines was the Buddy 125.  If there was a visual difference, other than the nameplate on the front, between the 50 and 125 models, I never found it, relying on the designation tag to know the which machine I was looking at.  To me, the styling was a nice blend of old and new; a bit of the Euro style rather than the hard angular look of many popular models.

Between the Modern Buddy online forum and others, I became confident that a Buddy 125 would find space in the garage before very long.  Searching on CL found one locally, nicely equipped and accessorized.  The Old Coopday would have obviously sought out an Italian red, possibly black.  The fact that this one was pink seemed like an opportunity to jump in with both feet.

The steed that made me a "Marlboro Man"........ or  A Boy and His Dog.........

I was and still am impressed with how well the Buddy went down the road; an amazing package.  My Buddy, a bit more road-worthy......

It was amazing how easy it was to make friends, most everywhere I went. This was NOT a scooter gathering.....


  1. When I was working transport at the DCSO, I usually wore some pretty wild ties, even a light pink dress shirt with black pants and my long, black leather, trench coat.... But I don't know about driving a pink scooter, even to Beth's Twin Bluffs Cafe for pie....


  2. The guys were on their way to Slimey Crud, I promised to give them a head start. Then after a very brief thought, I changed my mind and rode home.