Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Beginning

Well it's started, my first blog posting.  Christmas Day, seemingly a nice time to begin.  The turkeys visited the harvested bean field next to the house while Christmas dinner was cooking, possibly taunting us with their presence, guessing at what was in the oven?

Thanks to Erik for the inspiration to finally get started.


  1. Thanks for sharing this Doug and also Thank you Eric for your inspiration!

  2. Doug,
    You're off to a great nice start! You have some really nice pictures from your past. Keep it up! I really like the picture in the header, it looks like most of the MN/WI river valley area.


    Glad I inspired you.

  3. "Glad I inspired you."
    I, and a lot of other folks are glad you did, too.

    1. Very kind of you to say Dan, much appreciated!

      This has been way more fun, much more rewarding than I first thought. So far, it still is.