Friday, December 30, 2011

The Beginning (again).....20 years later

I'm going to break up my look back at the beginning of my motorcycling history by moving closer to the present day, namely 2004.  Back in the mid-80's, we got married, bought a home and started a family.  My 1980 Moto Guzzi SP1000 (more on that when the History continues) was mostly sitting idle in the garage.  Extra hours spent with the family, my career, projects around the home, etc. made the kinds of rides I'd become accustomed to, i.e.weekends that might take me >500 miles, simply stop.

We were living inside the city limits of St. Paul, making the occasional hour here and the hour there available for riding more of a chore rather than something fun.  I had become spoiled and probably worse, bored with riding.  What had been a major priority suddenly seemed easily put aside.  I remember feeling uncomfortable about it but refreshing at the same time.  I was ready for some new ways to spend my time.

Fast forward to 2004.  A number of details were coming together, one of which was the fact that I was all too quickly approaching my 50th year.  Another was that life on our rural farm had moved on from huge gardens, 4H projects, a herd of sheep, etc. to a less agricultural lifestyle and more of a rural living way of spending time. One more fact, the one that most likely 'clinched the deal', was the fact that a friend told me about one of his workmates having a very nice Sport Touring Ducati for sale and wondered if I just might be interested.  Over the next couple of weeks I became so, so interested in fact that I had already become the owner in my mind.

It's important here to mention that I had been a former Ducati owner (again, more on that later).  I had left the 'sport' owning a Sport Touring bike, the Guzzi, comfortable that I had been and would again some day be a Sport Touring rider.

By the time the owner got back to me, someone else had bought the bike.  Very disappointed, I zeroed in on the Ducati ST series and began looking for them online.  One was found, there was lots of correspondence with the owner and soon, we rented a van and were off to southern Indiana to bring home a 2000 ST2 Ducati.  After ~20 years, I was riding again.

Those geese are ON the lake, not in it.  December 2005
Yes, it was very cold

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