Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Family - 1972

It didn't take very long before we were a 3 motorcycle family, one for each our dad, my brother and myself.  We outgrew the yellow '64 Honda trailbike and I had purchased the 125 Yamaha Enduro.  Dad picked up a barely used '70 Suzuki Honcho 90 'enduro-style' bike and younger brother bought a brand new '70 Honda SL100.  We'd load up all 3 on our snowmobile trailer and spend entire weekends riding while visiting relatives in rural areas of Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Over the next year, dad, brother and I collectively bought a couple of project bikes, fixed them up and resold them.  One was a '70 Honda SL350.......

Another was a '69 Puch 250, something we traded a snowmobile for........

While and in between working on old bikes to fix, ride and sell, I was getting the urge to have something bigger and more road-worthy.  Towards that end, I found a local '68 Honda CL350 Scrambler that was in really nice shape.  I finally had something that would comfortably cope with highway traffic and allow me to expand my perimeter.

It was the summer after I was a Junior in high school and by the fall of my Senior year, I'd have a motorcycle made in America.

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  1. My first " real " motorcycle was the blue and white CL 350 Honda. I learned all about the dreaded parking lot cable with it. :)