Friday, February 24, 2023

Two Busy - 2023/02/24

We'll start with what was happening in the nice, warm and cozy Manufacturing Area.

One Busy.... Production starts here.  I made what I believed to be an impossible to refuse offer to photograph the Team Associate actually creating these triangles.  However, I was convinced as well as  concerned that the returned threat was real.  An additional offer was even made to wait until her uniform was less PJ-like.  It made no difference, that photo will not appear in this collection.

Early stages in the Assembly Area (these are not ties Eric!).

Another quilt, this one 7' x 8', staged for Final Assembly.

 Then we move out of doors....

Two was colder and only barely light when I started busy outside.  I'm to understand that our official total was 8-9" but I can show you more than one drift in the yard that's knee deep.

I will mention here that the bikes have nary a flake.... though what follows today (and others) is that I get to be Busy.


But things improved.....

Our Busy work complete for today.

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