Wednesday, March 8, 2023

500 Barns, the movie - 2023/03/08

Almost exactly a year ago, I published a book called 500 BARNS.  In it, I attempted to highlight from my perspective, a bit of history as well as a current look at our MN/WI dairy barns.  It was a quick look back with some history using photos that I stopped for while passing by on various machines....over 600 in all.

The book did not contain 500 or more photos, in fact it contained far fewer.  To focus on some of the many photographs that were not included in the book, I made a short film and it's located You know where.

Watch it here



  1. I see the newer.. strong barns,, bright in color.. then they... age... to the point of near collapse, I wonder.... what barn reflects my moment in life

  2. Well.....the semi bright...semi shiny ones.


  3. No old buddy... the foundation is weaker... the glass isn't as clear ....

  4. 600 did seem like plenty but I could find more!

  5. Very cool. BTW. Bob Krenkel is coming down to visit me this Sunday. He is giving me some stereo equipment. I'll see if I can get a pic.