Monday, February 20, 2023

Time For Another Potpourii Post - 2023/02/20

'Cause that's all I got!

I'll start with Today's should learn this....Word..."Petrichor".  Those of us North are looking forward to this with great anticipation!

Speaking of North, we inhabitants are all too familiar with this sort of  'ventilating' air and bumpers alike run much cooler.

A safe missed this weekend's Big Turn Music Festival?  Mark your calendars for '24 so that it won't happen again!

Saturday morning's sunshine and milder temps brought out the opportunity to do something about our bumpy, rolling skating rink....action was taken and that action actually accomplished something by day's (and weekend's) end.

The sand not only provides grip but provides darkness for Ol' Sol to do what she does.

Enough slope here....impossible to stand.  Or was.


Not yet Best....

Peg's ongoing Fabric Arts quest...the Elna's been-a-whirring!  That sound, though not quite as pleasant as her old spinning wheel once was, will certainly do.

Dull discards....

Staring at the shop door this morning a few minutes were spent reviewing the Coop Time Capsule.  A young (and very small) soldier with (only two of) his sisters.  Additionally, the other young man left, top left..."Bob" the young soldier's 8th grade grandfather with his graduating class in small town northern Wisconsin.

I've been monkeying around making dust and smoke....using my vocational skills avocationally.

There's excitement in the air....some of us are packing and stacking gear, off-road bikes soon to be in rural Arkansas.  Other summer rallies, long ago marked on calendars, are being dreamed about.  Further travel and explorations are on our horizons.

That young soldier highlighted above will soon be returning to the US of A, his fiance just finishing up her stint with the Air Force, their upcoming matrimony only a few short months away.

The Big Circle spins, it doesn't stop.  A reminder you do not need.


  1. Himmy grainy photo.. Hwy 27 Wisco ? :)

    1. My first attempt at a laser etching, Lake City Kwik Trip. They are improving.....and lots of room for that!

  2. My bad.... cup on top reminded me of one of those old road side history markers.... :)

  3. Good to hear Ben is coming home soon!

    1. Thanks Dom, we're all anxious for that. Looks like Baja is a pleasant place to be right now....5 1/2 stars!