Sunday, December 11, 2022

Aged Like Fine Wine - 12/2022

Maybe like wine that's been out in the sun for almost 12 years?!

March 2011....I went to Scooterville to look at the new Kymco scooters and ended up bringing bigger wheels home first NEW motorcycle in a long, long time.

December 2022....

Neither the bike nor the bloke still as clean, trim or polished, both of us a lot more 'experienced'.  141 months and 11,332 miles to be precise.

We're both running mostly good-as-new now though!

I wish both the pink one and the Corgi were still here....the beginning of my Scooter Love back in '07.

But back to the Hyosung....we're looking forward to a multi-day Sport Touring weekend in '23!!

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