Sunday, December 4, 2022

2022 Riding Year In Review - Part 2

This should cover the highlights from my point of view at least.  A couple of additions this time.....

Total miles (the bikes were) ridden  =  14941

Of those, son Ben put on  =  512

Nights spent in the Town N Country  =  9

Nights spent in motels  =  12

Nights spent in my tents  =  9

Here are the charts if you missed the first video.



As I'm mentioning in the video, note the poor '22 performance of my Hyosung GT250R up at the tippy top of the pie....0 miles.  Which is exactly how far it ran back in ' just doesn't have enough power to pull itself and myself on one cylinder.  That has now been corrected.

You and I both are expecting a much better outcome for the lovely little V twin next season.

Here we go.....


  1. Thanks for pt2 Coop! Nice to have a police escort...I think I liked the video clips showing scenery/landscapes best.

    1. Thanks Dom, feedback always appreciated. I already know what I like!