Friday, September 9, 2022

Wildcat Mountain Motorcycle Rally - 2022/09


The weather, the scenery, the machines.....all of it, was nigh perfect.  With that, I came away from the weekend appreciating the attendees and time spent with them the over-arching best component of my rally experience this time.  It's been a week already, the photos and video taken are still being sorted, a compiled, more inclusive video is being worked on and some of my favorite photos will be shared in this blog Post.  But what I've been living with and appreciating most all-week long are conversations with friends, treasured conversations and time spent.  The photos will carry me back to much of what went on over the weekend and it's my hope that they'll provide just enough of a spark to keep those remembered conversations glowing, glowing for a long while.

I've attempted to start my own Wildcat Rally weekend on Thursday's after work and so it was this year, even though things don't really start 'rolling' until mid-Friday.  My reservation for 4 nights at the Norske Inn at the north end of Westby was made months ago.  Thursday's afternoon ride down was lovely in every way.

Here's what the GPS recorded....

Once I was back home and in the garage....

Steve had come down to Westby earlier on Thursday, joined me for dinner in Viroqua.  The rest of our crew began arriving Friday morning.

Jim and Rob had come up during the week to ride but were going back to IL to be home over the LD weekend.  Nice to meet you Rob and great to see you again Jim!

Greg, Steve and Eric went out on their loop, I did my own.  Heading east from town, one of my very first stops was the Sunrise Bakery on Pa's Road.  Not seen in this photo are the two pies and jar of Rhubarb Blueberry Jam that were no longer on the shelf soon thereafter.

The Auction Sales Barn that I would be returning to on Labor Day morning.

The area SE of Cashton is primarily an Amish neighborhood but not completely.  These folks milk a lot of cows!

My make-do Scarabeo Parking Brake....necessary almost every time that I stopped.

Maple syrup facility.....



If you haven't ridden Schlicht Road, you are really missing out!

Gloria and Bob....leaving Westby for the long way home.  Lucky for me, their long way home resulted in a chance meeting again, not an hour later in Stoddard.  We didn't finish what we'd missed but did get closer.

A (mostly) remarkable coincidence...2 of these 3 guys up from the Chicago area were up in the area last year over the holiday.  Then our meeting out along Hwy 33 a chance meeting and so was this one while I stopped for a sandwich in Coon Valley.  2 Triumphs and a Sportster at that time, 3 Triumphs and a Sportster this year.

Last year I met them while waiting for Kolton doing his trip north on the Trans Wisconsin Adventure Trail....this pulled from last year's Post.

Here's Kolton....we finally met in Ontario.  THIS Labor Day, he texted me after having returned home from an Adventure trip through CO, KS and OK.

I tried to convince her to get off the roadway.....we made some progress and I was only able to get her over to the green.  The head and neck are able to protrude far and fast!!

Picture on the wall.....downtown Westby from exactly 111 years ago.

 It was time for Saturday evening's Rally Banquet.  Greg and Steve followed me from the north end of Westby down to the Old Town Inn on the south side of town......those guys swapped bikes.
Sunday morning Eric was pre-6am early!

Now we go down to the tunnel on the Elroy-Sparta Bicycle Trail.

We stopped for lunch in Wilton....

In year's past, our rally banquet was on Sunday.  These days it happens on Saturday evening, Sunday evenings we fend for ourselves.  Steve and I fended out on the sidewalk...gourmet choices!

 Sunday night in the back lot of the Old Town Inn.....

Thanks Tom

Labor Day morning we enjoyed our coffee (and free roll) in the former Express Inn's dining room.  We were extremely cautious about taking any of the Old Boys' spots around their tables.

A bright, foggy (depending on where you were) Labor Day morning!  Steve taking the long way back to Mpls.

I headed east on a very foggy County P.

Didn't take long before my camera lens looked like it had been smeared with tapioca.  You'll have to take my word for it....this is County D, just southeast of Cashton and in 'daylight', one of my favorite little sections of road ANYwhere.

I believe that it was just after 7:30 am when I arrived at the Auction Barn, there was already a lot going on.


It was a busy place....

 There's nothing like an 8am bratwurst....

Everyone and I mean everyone, absolutely had to touch....and feel....this table as they walked by.  Three men stood and spoke German, right there in this field of view.  They couldn't stop rubbing the top.

Again, a Mega Dairy right next to many Amish neighbors.

Very typical in Wisconsin....

That 2nd yellow arrow almost perfectly marks the mark I left on the Armco.

Turning on to County S from County M

County S up on the ridge, just east of Holmen, Wisconsin.

That's it......and I'll bet that you're happy about that.  I'm planning on some summer riding videos that I'll put together when it's cold and nasty outside.  Not next week but maybe the next, who knows??

It was a great weekend, I have every intention of doing it again next year.  I highly doubt that we'll have another perfect weather Labor Day weekend any time soon.

Soon, another weekend riding adventure in far north Wisconsin.  You will be among the first to know.


  1. An 8AM brat means you're somewhere special; an auction...a racetrack...etc
    Left your mark on the armco?! What's that story?

    1. I think it's all here....

    2. Oh good. I though it was THIS trip.
      eeek. I must have read that one but forgot about it. We are older and wiser now, yes? You probably got older and wiser quickly, 10 years ago.

      No, that's $400 WITH insurance. Take the pills or come in to the hospital. Wellll.....dang....okay....pills please. You are such a Man. And not in a good way! : D

    3. oh yeah. Those were MY comments. Not A. Nonymous'.

  2. I escaped this year with nary an injury or calamity. I can ill afford any further mishaps!