Wednesday, September 21, 2022

2nd Week In September, Bikes - 2022/09/19

A mix of rides and explorations since our Labor Day Wildcat Mountain Rally in Westby.

There was a breakfast gathering in Rollingstone...."5 copies for my mother.."

We missed the Kellogg Watermelon Festival... 

Greg, Eric and I....

A Puncture on the other side of the Atlantic, a Flat on this side.  Eric had one in this almost new tire.

Monday I took off for a loop, stopped in Nelson for some lunch and thanks to Steve's Eagle Eye, a happenstance meet took place so off we went for a loop as 3.  Scott was on the Himalayan, Steve on the white Harley.

Late Tuesday afternoon I was out for another loop in Wisconsin.

Saturday morning another Breakfast In The Park.

So that was Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon our motorcycle Chums and Chumettes met for pizza in a barn at The Nelson Stone Barn.

Gathering fresh greens...

Out for a morning loop around Lake Pepin....

Lake-side, Pepin Wisconsin.

I haven't visited this Laura Ingalls Wilder Museum.

Kim, Russ...I very nice sit-down chat for 20 minutes over a cup.  Kim was down from Aitkin visiting family, Russ had come up from the Decorah area to partake of the Fall Flood Run.

I've stopped here many times.

A Guzzi and a Continental down from the Cities....nice to chat with you guys!

Last night, last summer evening of 2022, we noticed some huge clouds forming over the hill at sunset.

They turned into something

 The weekend is almost here, you'll find us in Northern Wisconsin, enjoying the backwoods.


  1. Looks like some fine, bracing weather to make some autumn adventures. I must admit that I've been coveting a Classic 350, either in Stealth Black or Gunmetal Gray. It would provide a variant from the Himalayan though it may end up being a lot like the Vespa GTS in performance.

    I've already broached the subject with my wife and she's not opposed, but the garage is getting full!

    1. Our weather has definitely become autumn-ish...and it feels great. We were in northern WI this past weekend, the temperatures, skies and changing colors were confirmation (new Post soon!).

      I don't really know enough to comment on performance comparisons to your GTS but I can tell you that my 2 favorite bikes in the garage both come from the same place in India. I would not have guessed but I'm slowly catching on.