Sunday, September 18, 2022

Second Week In September - 2022/09/18

No way could it have been much better.  Good things accomplished, the weather, the garden harvest, the Wild West with mom.....oh....and the bike rides.

The dehydrator has been running its warming heart out.

Roma's and 3 other varieties....Red ones.

Peppers and tomatoes.....

The Apple Butter department....

Apple Jelly Department....

Final Assembly, stock in the A.B. department.  Apple pectin-laden juice Jelly still in-process.

Ready for Stock...contents only juice and sugar.
My photo doesn't do the volume of apples on our tree justice.....I picked two pails full, no ladder, standing in one spot, not a single step.  They aren't attractive looking but Peg says the best baking apples that she's ever cooked with (I had to quit mowing under the tree a few weeks ago).

Drying Tiger Eye beans...

They can't lift them into the tub, that's my job...

Shallots a huge improvement over last year....


It has been fun work.....results rewarding....Nature's bounty and my favorite time of the year.

On another front, mom's assisted living community had a Wild West themed picnic event, live music, complete with horse rides, cowboy hats/boots and even a couple of goats.

We had fun mom, thanks for the invitation!

I'll try and cover the bike related items in the next one.

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