Monday, August 1, 2022

Little Log House Pioneer Village Show 2022 - 2022/07/29

This is following my last Post where I tried to highlight my walk through of the Little Log House beautiful gardens.  If you don't know about the event and are the least bit interested, you should check out their History to learn about how the event began as well as what it has become. 

Most of these are frame grabs from many, short videos.  I won't be hurt if you're unable to wade through them all.  I do know people that care about some of these old things and if that is not you, feel free to switch the channel, please ask for your refund.  I have taken photos of many of these same items in the past but snippits from the videos give a them a new perspective I believe.

My morning started straight away at the 8 AM opening and lasted until early afternoon.


I 'wore' my Trip Machine Tank Bag w/shoulder strap and it proved very handy to carry my camera and chargers.  Normally on one of the Enfields, it rode on me perfectly well.

I just went to John Deere's Build Your Own price calculator.  There's no way to know about installed options/extras but the base price of this machine is $817,336.  The additional corn head is $189,237 which combined puts us very close to you know what.

Might have to give it a pull....not with our Orange one though.

Fresh grease.....

I chose the Pickle Cream Cheese Cheddar Curds Lettuce Ranch.  Two of them!

The video will be a lot better, many of these photos will tell a better story with some huffs, puffs and sound.

The map....2023 dates are set!

Everyone lining up for the parade....


Stopped for some Boy Scout water...

Hayfield was much more parked and early on a Friday afternoon.


  1. Great event..sorry I missed it.... :(

    1. Next year Mike, there should be a different color other than Green Yellow.

  2. Dang Coop, that's a lot of old farming equipment! My FIL would have been in seventh heaven.

    1. The old farm equipment is the main reason I go...reliving my childhood. How the old equipment was built, used and now loved fascinates me.