Sunday, July 31, 2022

Gardens...Theirs And Ours - 2022/07/29

It's that time of year again, the last weekend in July is the Little Log House Show and I was there on Friday the 29th, opening day, bright and early.  Here's their nice map of the grounds....and you really should dig into their history to understand how and why the grounds are the way they are.  Besides the annual event in July, various clubs hold events on the site, the venue also the location for many weddings and family gatherings.

And my first view out of the car....rows of cars just getting started to line up in the hay field to the north.

I arrived just before 8am and didn't leave until awhile after 1pm.  Yes, it was a cooler, pleasant, bluebird day!  I go to look at old STUFF, the agricultural equipment is what I'm most interested in.  Besides the farm equipment, there are hit-and-miss engines, antiques, junk in the flea market sections and lots of so on.  It also includes many old buildings, moved to the site over time, including structures, windmills, entire diners, church steeples and pretty much more on and on.  Each year, a different brand of tractor is highlighted, this year it was John Deere though many if not most of the other brands were represented in numbers small or large.

I'll have more bits and bobs of my morning exploring the grounds to include in the next Post.  But in this one, I'm going to highlight Mrs. Bauer's gardens.  As an official Master Gardener, she's put together a beautiful and peaceful area of color that centers around the first structure on the grounds, the Little Log House.

I don't know anything about the plants in the garden, only that it's a very peacefully pretty walk-through, even with the hordes.

The garden video is here.... 

 As far as our garden goes, we've been picking and pickling, Peg's processing progressing and productive.

We've tried cabbage before, woeful failures.  These turned out Really well!

Our first carrot, the last of the kohlrabi and our 4 cabbages.

My job....

Peg's job.  We mix up a brine, cover the slaw with it, then cover the mix with the outside leaves and then the glass weight goes on top to compress the product.  The crock cover gets placed and then the moat is filled with water to allow the fermentation gas to escape but no bad Coop bacteria to enter.  Our first mix was Standard, today's batch is Caraway. Yesterday's and today's batches are already Blooping their little hearts out.

Our fist melon, almost but not quite ripe.  Apparently the raccoons love them the day before they're ripe.

Peg and I did some more paddling...

There was another early park breakfast...

Eric and I had a proper 2 hour breakfast to get caught up...a lot has happened.

It won't be long before the Little Log House Pioneer Show Post is ready.  It will be next, do not worry.

And finally, The Big Cow.....moo Bossie....

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