Monday, July 18, 2022

Action Packed, 3rd Full July Weekend - 2022/0718

I am not even going to attempt to edit and include all of the content I have.  So here's a preview, details will have to follow, quite possibly when the snow is deep and we need some green.

Green I say??

We've been (picking) blanching, sealing and freezing beans daily.  The pickling cukes are almost ready.  Of course, I'm working on those kohlrabi almost every day and so healthy that my body will be screaming for ice cream!

Wild Blackcaps to nicely complement our domestic raspberries.

There was a daybreak breakfast in the park...

Later that same day, a proper response to all of that healthy eating I've been doing.

A nice Wisconsin loop on Sunday....

Carl's of the few times I've done up rather than down.

School Road....

I've stopped here before, an overwhelming number of headstones for infants.

Lunch at Pammy Kaye's.  I have NOT been eating well enough to enjoy a piece of pie.

Bee sting, the cold bottle helped....I think.  I still have the welt, my throat was sore last night and I found it very challenging to keep up with our streaming of Vera.  I did not feel well at All.

A most dandy loop.  I'd have done more but the mid-90's were catching up with me.

Just a few miles from home, 13 hard drops, this rainbow, almost low enough to hop over, the result.

I had hoped to be on the water by 5:30 this morning but it was more like 6:00 by the time I pulled anchor.  The former Methodist Campus site and long before that, the Lake Side Hotel in the mid-1800's, stopping point for the elite during their paddle wheel river travel.


Once again, Point-No-Point directly ahead, neighboring Wisconsin in the distance.

Lots of gulls but the eagles were a lot more fun....and patient...for watching.

Two hours on the water and I went almost nowhere.

Back to Iowa for work this week, next weekend is already spoken for so you'll be enjoying yours without me.

A great week to all!!


  1. Vera, eh? That accent can be a challenge if they're a-talkin' fast-like.

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