Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Last Of The House Build Series (1996)

 This is the last of it, at least the last that will be presented.

Someday, this will be our dining room/Wisconsin bluffs view window.  On that summer day, a nice view of our virulent sheep pasture, our neighbor's bison feed wagon just past the line fence.

The summer of '96, soon there will be windows.

A view of the old driveway before it was moved, our 'Tree Field' with very young maples.  Only a couple of years previous, an additional acre of corn.

 More wheelin' on the sub-floor plywood....

Through the summer, progress was being made.  We were close to putting windows in...

Windows in, siding was done, sheetrock getting things closed in.

A lot happened over those months, the furnace was in and making heat.  I had just finished spraying the vaulted ceiling.  Had to remove the specs....they weren't doing much good.

Just before Thanksgiving, we were determined to have our holiday meal in the 'New House'.  While the food had been cooked in the mobile home, we carried the meal across the driveway and ate on and around a huge stack of 1/2' sheetrock stacked up on the upper level.

By Christmas, we were living in an unfinished but livable home.  Rooms weren't done, beds were in rooms not necessarily bedrooms.  There was water, there was heat, we could cook and be clean.  Just like our years in the mobile home, lots of adventure, lots of very good memories.  There ARE a lot more photos somewhere but I'm not going to go look for them....everything from that point on was boring and happened way too slowly.  Lots more rock to hang, taping, endless taping and sanding.  

Slowly everything important was moved over from the trailer house, its role from that point on and still today, one of storage.  I've started cleaning, sorting and done minimal selling but there is a lot more to do.  One more excuse to retire, right??


  1. I really despise working with sheetrock... especially muddling and sanding which I don't get right. Kudos.

    1. We started in the room we wanted done but looking back, 'learning' should have started somewhere else. Our remodel polished a lot of what we could have done better.