Friday, February 12, 2021

Busy...Just Stuff

Traveling, working, resting...that fairly describes the last couple of weeks.  It got cold and has stayed cold.  Not that I'm really complaining because as far as I'm concerned, it's been a gentle winter, coming late and treating us gently for the most part.  More snow both north and south of us, our ground surface is white but not by much.

Reading, listening to music, exploring some new coffees, Route planning.....wildly exciting stuff that has kept me on the edge of one of the warm chairs. 

The Himalayan is on the lift getting some timely maintenance taken care of, some new rubber, possibly some new mirrors (haven't made up my mind yet).  Friend Richard bought a brand new '21, one of the very lovely Red/Black ones and ridden it only the few short miles that it took to make it home from GoMoto in Minneapolis.  Though Richard has barely ridden his new bike far enough to get it warmed up, he's been very busy 'enhancing', something he is very adept at.  Last Saturday at coffee in Nordeast Minneapolis (Diamonds) he shared both photos and highlighted descriptions of all the updates.  He's fully geared, I can tell you that.  Mention of his new Doubletake mirrors put them right back on my horizon, a place I'd let them fade from.  As I said above, they're back in view.

Time for a check-up.....

More trips to Iowa a week ago, a quick overnight to Indianapolis for some refresh knowledge at the Factory a couple of days ago, this time I was the Trainee rather than the Trainer.  For most of the coming week, tripping to northern Minnesota when I'll return to my role as Trainer though I continue to learn from and with each and every one of our customers.

A lot of this sort of thing....

Large Red buttons that thankfully see very little use...though they are nice to have within an arm's reach.

These pieces seem to hold my interest more these days....still haven't decided on their final shapes.

Last week Peg asked me to stop for a few things at the grocery and eggs were on the list...darn good thing I got there when I did.  Masked chickens are apparently much less productive.

In the Indy airport while I stopped for a sandwich before my flight, a big electronic sign across the way.  An Indy boy....

I've only read Slaughter House 5 and it was a very long time ago, might have to check some of these out.

And of course....

Isn't she pretty??

It's winter, even in the middle of Indiana and planes needed de-icing.

Once we left the snow, the high clouds and finally the low clouds, I could tell that we'd made Central Wisconsin; I knew right where we were.  It's just like GPS Route Planning in BaseCamp.  Below, Minnesota Vikings' Training facility....been quiet there for a few weeks now.

I flew Delta this week, which was once upon a time good ol' Northwest Airlines.  I don't get asked about this much any more but for old time's sake, one more time...."It wasn't me"


  1. Remind them that if they press the red button while the machine isn't being used, all the pumps stop and will last many years longer than if they never shut anything off, like where I work. (grumble)
    Soapbox mode, off.....

  2. Dan is absolutely right. We have many customers that leave machines on, overnight, all week or forever. E Stop shuts down the pumps and motor systems without turning off the computer.