Thursday, July 9, 2020

Clutched On Thursday

Wet on Thursday as well. I’m publishing this one from my’s too wet and blustery out by the picnic table for myself and for the computer.   Eric arrived before 9 and had his tent setup long before Rod rode in.

A wet afternoon and evening.

Yesterday afternoon, a phone call and a couple of texts had offers of help from all corners after I managed to get back to Richland Center from south of rural Fenimore. Getting through Musoda and RC the big challenges, the left hand turns especially so but we did it. Offers of shipment, actual pickup, delivery, bringing a replacement bike were all so immediate and gracious that I had to be careful to not allow all of them to happen on top of each other.  Lissa, Marty, Cindy, Eric, Mike for coordinating it all but the biggest thanks to Rodney for picking up and delivering 4 hours one way.  I know you enjoy time on that big ST Honda Rod but even so, once more, above and beyond.  I’m so lucky to have you as friends.

After less than 5 minutes of install it was time for lunch.

Rod left for his return to St Paul, Eric and I headed south. 

We’ll get ourselves dry, our gear mostly so and hit it again tomorrow.

What I’m missing at home this evening (Thanks Lauren!)


  1. It looks like it broke right at the lever. On both the BMW and the Ural, I put a dab of grease there at every oil change.

    1. I think the grease is a good idea but there's got to be a weakest link in 'the system' and it's right there at the lug. It's got a plastic sleeve to help reduce binding friction to hopefully give it at least a small boost.

      I'd like to know how many times that lever has been pulled.