Monday, September 16, 2019

A Few Roads I Missed Saturday

Another lovely late summer day, almost too warm and sticky, almost as if summer is reluctant to leave.  I can tell you the geese and swans have been discombobulated.  They go north, then they swirl around, seemingly unsure of where to go.  The next day they go the other direction....Mixed up Marvins.

Anyway, Sunday a very nice enough day to go for another ride.  Our border state football warriors were battling, the bars were all full and the roads empty, making great conditions ideal.  My new Himalayan battery was installed mid-week and it was the first chance to get it out for a ride.

151 miles with plenty of up and down.

I don't have the exact median/mean speed data but I can tell you that there were many spots of bodacious pea gravel on chip-sealed roads.  The contractor with the roundest rocks must have won all of the bids.  A person truly needed to have a care on the roads I explored Sunday.

Highlighted with a set of Motion Pictures....

Rode past "The Home Place" as I seem to do more and more these days.  Flower Valley is what it was known by for many years; this cornfield and trees right-center were part of the 128 acres that mom grew up on.

Directly above my shadow is a huge Burr Oak tree that had a wooden swing suspended from an almost horizontal branch, allowing us to almost swing out over the road below.  Many things have changed, the road was narrower, the slope was steeper, the driveway moved.  All buildings gone except the house.  The front porch and time spent there remembered very well.

What it looked like in the early 50's....

 What it looked like to me, Rusty and my little brother about 61 years ago.

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