Sunday, September 29, 2019

Threatened Cold And Snow

No, not today but it does feel like it could do those things after what we've recently become accustomed to; we do know it's coming.  That's what I honestly admitted to myself Wednesday afternoon.  Partly sunny, clouds that looked very cold up there to the south though pleasantly warm down here on terra firma, the very dark grey clouds harbingers of things to come.  So, for the 2nd time in a week on a weekday afternoon, I climbed on the Himmi and crossed the see what I could see.

My start from home....

This was what we saw Tuesday evening as the cold front blew in.  A small tornado (sure it didn't feel small) in Lake City caused quite a bit of damage.

 The next afternoon, looking South across the Mississippi from the park in Diamond Bluff.

But this was typical going North which is the direction I started....same day, same ride, same locale.

Probably best to approach one of the other neighbors....

One needs to be cautious when executing this maneuver; I can just barely count on one hand (and I'm a machinist maintaining 5 fingers) the number of my friends that have direct experience with the  possibilities of failing at this.

Leaving the park in Diamond Bluff....

 Work on our bridge continues....

A very nice 112 mile late September afternoon, once again, not a single road planned.  The Himalayan was given its head.

Friday I finally got the tractor running again.  Carburetor and distributor rebuilt, the old 9N runs and seems to be happy about it.  No pie in this cake pan, a sad state of affairs but I'll bet you thought about it.

Yesterday morning, Saturday, I finally got back to Diamonds for some coffee, hadn't been there in awhile and I heard about it. Mike was there with his spiffy yellow Ducati 450 and my sibling was there on his Ultra.  More machines rolled in later.

Another work week ahead, planning and packing for this coming weekend's Autumn Slimey Crud Run has already been underway.


  1. Always unnerving passing a tractor, wondering how fast he can turn into left field

    1. Hey Paul, really it's about paying attention to location. They'll never suddenly go down through a ditch. They might go into a driveway or a field road. Even if it's on the right side, they often have to swing wide to make the narrow gate with a wide piece of machinery.

  2. That meatloaf and cake pan come from your wife's assortment of kitchen "tools" ?

    1. The aluminum pan has had some nasty stuff in it already. The meat loaf...long past its prime.

  3. The “maneuver” is passing a tractor?

    1. Yes, that's it. Normally, especially on older equipment, no turn signals. Often what's being pulled is higher/wider than the farmer's ability to see back, often just blind turns.