Monday, September 2, 2019

Wildcat Mountain Rally - 2019 (Happenings at HQ)

I'm going to make this year's Post of the Wildcat Mountain Rally in 2 parts.  This first part will focus on our time at Rally Headquarters in Westby.  The 2nd part will include some of the roads, the rides, places visited and time on the bikes.

A fantastic weekend, weather spectacular only making the rides and time spent with great friends all that much better.  We had a record number of First Timers this year, 16 if I heard the number correctly.  A very good development for our little gathering.  Join us next year and be part of another new group!

Take a look, see what you missed by not showing up and joining us in SW Wisconsin Labor Day 2019.


  1. ... " skullduggery " the game is afoot ! :)

  2. Nice drone footage in the video! Are you one of the organizers?

    1. Thanks Richard.

      Nope, I'm just an attendee. Adam is our new rally organizer with 2 rallies under his belt. He's had big shoes to fill after Tom and Tammy took care of everything for many years. Adam's got everything under control. Many of us have already booked next year's accommodations and we'll be looking forward to attending Adam's 3rd event.