Sunday, August 18, 2019

A Weekend For Riding

I'm still busy putting together a couple more Posts from the trip out West but there's a lot of potential material to glean through and I'm doing the best that I can.  While that's going on, there's some riding that had to take place; I was out this weekend.  There was the Moto Guzzi monthly breakfast (rode the Himalayan) Saturday morning after Ben left for his new home in Georgia, a quick jaunt on the rig to make sure that the old Bullet/Cozi still would run; it's been tucked away in front of the others in the garage and has now assumed its rightful position just inside the big door.  Saturday evening the Breva made a loop and today, Ol' Blue put on some miles.

Frontenac Beach....Lake Pepin

 Guzzi miles....

'78 Yamaha 650 Special miles.....

Actual miles going....

Coming back through Lake City this afternoon, I spotted an Eldorado in the pier wayside parking lot.......THIS Eldorado.....the one that shared the Hanna Campground with me in the Black Hills.

 Loaded with camping equipment in Lake City, they were enjoying a shore-side lunch after spending an overnight in Lanesboro.  Amazing that our time coincided.  Again, there just aren't that many new Eldorado's in MN I reckon.

Finally the last of our pets on the farm.  The sheep, goats, horses, bunnies, dogs and now cats are gone.  All we're left with outside of hundreds of deer and turkeys are the baby barn swallows.


  1. Hundreds of Deer? That's a lot of critters running amok.

    1. Hundreds might be an exaggeration. The real count would be difficult due to the huge number of animals involved.

      There are many!