Friday, August 16, 2019

We Got A Few Miles

Our son Ben has been home between assignments, from Texas and will be now stationed in Georgia.  He arrived in MN the week before I left on my vacation and is leaving this weekend.  There have been many things going on but we've filled his time in the best we could.  He with sis and Peg spent a few nights up on the shore of Lake Superior.  Last weekend and this, we put some miles on the bikes with a Friday Fish Fry thrown in for good measure in nearby Red Wing.

Breakfast in Wabasha...

Blueberry/Peach in Stockholm...Apple Sour Cream in the distance.

Overlook along Lake Pepin....

And on that trip....a milestone.

We were out again today and it couldn't have been more perfect, the weather, the loop, the time spent.

In the neighborhood, friends of the family...

The MN/WI bridge construction at Red Wing, hopefully done this fall.

North of Esdaile on 620th St......

A burger and fish tacos at Common Man Brewing in Ellsworth

On 465th......

We ran 410th from the top down this time...don't remember ever having run it this way before.  My helmet cam missed the ROAD CLOSED sign, the road the roughest I've ever ridden it.

Culvert almost washed usual, steeper here than it photographs.

Rougher too....

Back on County A.....

450th St, always an adventure.....

450th back on top.......

Back to the river bridge and crossing into Minnesota.

And home, a wonderful 85 mile calm and casual loop.


  1. Sounds like a great ride with you son....kudos

    1. Dom, they are always special rides. Memories of riding with mom, dad and my brother resurface.


  2. Another great adventure! I so enjoy your blog.